Pastor Shane Goldie
Student Minister
Shane joined the Pioneer Pastoral Charge in August of 2022 and resigned in January 2023.
Alittle about Shane:  I was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in Maple Creek Sk before moving to Medicine Hat AB in 2010, where I attended grade 4-12. I graduated from Cresent Hights High School in 2019, then started at St.Andrews College and the University of Saskatchewan, in the Dual degree Program (B.Th and MDiv.) in Fall of 2019. I completed my Bachelors of theology with a minor in English May 2022. I am ahead in my Masters program and will be finished my MDiv in 20 months, a year ahead of planned.
I am a published author of a book called The “Gay” Christian, which I published in 2018 at age 17.
I grew up attending Cypress hills Bible camp in Cypress hills Sk, from age 5-13 and worked at for 3 of those years before getting kicked out for my sexuality and believing homosexuality isn’t a sin. This lead me to reaching out and becoming apart of Camp Shagabec a beautiful amazing United Church camp where I was welcomed and accepted with so much love. I have been apart of Camp Shagabec since and this year marks 8 years. I have been a counsellor, paid staff, and board member. I spend and dedicate my Summers to Camp ministry which I love and am so greatful for.
I am 21 years old, 2 Spirited, Indigenous of Cree/Métis heritage, Single but have an amazing loving Puppy named Luna.
Pastor Shane.
Rev. Helen Reed, Diaconal Minister

Helen was settled into the Oyen Pastoral charge in 2010, where she accepted her first official call. During her time here, the Big Country United Churches (Oyen, Cereal, Acadia Valley and Alsask Sk grew into the 4-point Pioneer Pastoral Charge.