At different times we offer conversations about faith.

Typically these have been offered at Oyen United Church, but they have also travelled to other Big Country churches.  We have also held studies at the Oyen Senior's Lodge to allow our Elders to add their wisdom to our conversations without needing to travel.

Advent Explorations: during the 4 weeks of advent we prepare our hearts for the Christmas story...

Lent Journey: during the six weeks of Lent we travel a faith journey toward Easter...examining ourselves for what we have accomplished in the previous year and discerning what can we do better in the next one.  

Confirmation Classes: Not just for youth, this six week course of faith questions offers an opportunity for anyone to enrich and know their own faith. We look at topics such as... Who is God for us? Who is Jesus? What is the Holy Spirit? What are the Sacraments of our church? What does our church tell us about our responsibility of living justice for all?

Bible Studies/ Faith Studies: what would you like to explore in the context of faith and living as God's people?