Rev. Helen Reed
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After 10 years of serving the Oyen Pastoral Charge and the Pioneer Pastoral Charge, Rev. Helen Reed is finding herself on a new journey. 

On July 30, the Pastoral Charge Board received Helen's letter of resignation effective October 1, 2020.

Helen said: "When I first came here I promised that I would stay 5-7 years. While other opportunities have presented themselves to me, I have always felt that we still had good work to do together. These congregations have become my home and my friends.   

This time, after 10 years of amazing partnerships and living faith together, the Spirit is calling me in a new direction. I have accepted a Call to Camrose United Church. In going to Camrose, the church where I began my journey into ministry, I am leaving one home to return to another. The beginning of this journey has both sorrow and joy in it, but I know that this is the path God needs me on right now and so, in faith, I will go with God.

We have done great work together. We have honoured churches whose time has come to an end. We have forged new relationships with other churches. We have proven that partnership works. We have remembered how important relationships are and how important it is to support and be engaged in the work of caring for our communities. Your work and mine will continue even though we will be on differing paths"

We have two months to say a good farewell to each other. Let's celebrate all that we have accomplished.