Rev. Helen Reed
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Just a few days ago, the number of confirmed cases of COVID19 cases in Alberta was 23. Today, March 16, it is 74. 

Our Federal and Provincial Governments are asking for the cooperation of all citizens to slow the spread of the virus by changing how we interact with each other.

Following the recommendations of our Health Leaders and our Church Leaders, the Chairs of the Boards of our Pastoral Charge and it's congregations have made the decision to suspend worship services until, at least, April 12th. This date is contingent on the advice of the Health recommendations we receive. 

We will be engaging in the life of the church in different ways. 

A letter of explanation is attached to this news announcement that has been approved by the Chairs of the Board. 

We encourage everyone to take a deep breath, to not panic, and to consider how we can share God's care and compassion with our neighbours.