Rev. Helen Reed
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One of the things that people love to do is to talk together, to share stories, to engage in groups and conversation. 

In this beginning of addressing the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, we can't do any of things in person without putting ourselves, our elders and the most vulnerable of our society at risk. 

But we can care for each other in different ways. The United Churches of Oyen, Cereal, Alsask and Acadia Valley are taking up the challenge by setting up Phone Trees. Each church is arranging that our folk will receive a phone call once a week. 

The purpose of this is simply to connect with one another. To see that we are all receiving the care and support we need. To make sure that a voice comes into our week, when we might otherwise be totally isolated. 

If you know of someone who may not have connections, family etc. and may need a phone call or further support, please let us know by calling the office at 403-664-3987 or emailing [email protected] 

We are part of a Community network that is trying to ensure that everyone feels valued and cared for in this challenging time. 

Loving Our Neighbours -- together -- it's what we are meant to do.