Rev. Helen Reed
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On this Thanksgiving weekend, we encourage you to take a moment to give thanks for what the blessings in live that you do have not matter how small they may seem. 

We may be sad that we can't gather in large family groups but ... are you healthy? can you call each other? Face time? Zoom the whole group in? What can you do? 

While most harvests are complete and we need to celebrate that... 

We hold in our prayers the folk of Marengo who have had a devastating fire in the Providence Grain Elevator. . No employees were on the site at the time of the fire and  no injuries have been reported. While the elevator is now closed, let us take a moment to be grateful for the safety of our friends and neighbours, for the first responders. Let us hold in prayer those who will be affected by this loss... but are safe. 

Be grateful for the little things... piled up, they are a lot.