Rev. Helen Reed
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On Saturday, March 14th, the Chairs of our Church Boards gathered together electronically to discuss what our best practice would be in light of the Global Pandemic of COVID 19. 

Alberta Health Services and the United Church of Canada have created guidelines for making choices that will help to stem the growth of this virus. They recommend that we wash our hands regularly, don't touch our faces and keep gatherings to a minimum -- are they really necessary.  The virus appears to be mostly avoiding the children but is particularly hard on the elderly. 

We decided that, in the best interests of our communities (faith and villages), we will cancel worship this week.  We will gather again next week on Friday to discern our best decision for March 22nd. 

Worship services will be available on our website to read, and the message/reflection will be available to listen to. Go to the 'Messages' Tab 

Our intent is to be "Careful not Fearful" ... remembering that just because we are not worshipping together doesn't mean church is cancelled. Be the church in community looking after each other. 

God is with us. We are not alone. Thanks be to God.