Rev. Helen Reed
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As we continue to find new paths of connecting with each other even when we can't be in our buildings, we are discovering new gifts. 

One is worship online. 

Each Sunday morning, we gather via Zoom to worship together. The connection for the service is sent out the day before via email. 

BUT... that's not all!

A recording of the service will be placed under the 'messages' tab at the top of our website page so that you can watch and listen to it at your leisure 

AND... a bulletin is also attached so that you can print and share with your non-electronically inclined neighbour

AND... if you would like a bulletin from the church, or a tutorial in how to access the services please be in contact with Helen at the office by email: [email protected] of 403-664-3987

Loving our neighbours in new ways... together we can do this :)